Monday, July 30, 2012

Best options for Walmart and Target.

What to do

You might think stealing from the electronics section is a sure fire way to get the cops called on you, but it's not! You can take many things from the electronics section without anyone even noticing you touched something!

Here is a quick rundown of the valuable items that don't have security features most of the time:

  • Flash drives and removable media, the ones over 16gb will usually be locked to the isle, but an exacto knife fixes that :)
  • DVDs and CDs, becoming less expensive as digital media take hold of the market, people still buy them though
  • Network Adapters, the USB dongles that let you connect to WiFi, they are worth a pretty penny sometimes
  • Lastly a little known one, computer games. Yes, the extremely expensive ones, like Diablo 3 can be taken without anyone knowing you did anything wrong, I will explain this in a later blog post.
Once you have the items, the best thing to do to not raise suspicion is to go get something you are going to purchase and carry that around with the item you are not buying. When you get the chance when you are in an area or isle with no cameras, do what you need to do to make the item safe to take out of the store and get away from that area as fast as possible without running or looking crazy. Then go purchase your item that you wanted, and leave the store.

Congratulations, you just stole something worth value and you can now sell it on craigslist or eBay!

You're a winner!

Easy tips and tricks for not getting caught

How to NOT get caught in the act of stealing from retail stores
  • Don't act suspiciously around staff members, when they see you or ask you questions, act like you know exactly why you are they and what you are looking for, asking them questions back makes it even less obvious you're there to steal things.
  • Don't stare at cameras. When you're looking for an isle to stash your loot, don't do hard and fast sudden movements, if you notice a camera in your peripheral vision, go somewhere else.
  • If the item you want even looks like there might be a security feature inside of it, either don't touch it, or find a way to get it off, or take the item out of its packaging.
  • Don't fill your pockets. If you go into a store with nothing in your pockets, it's going to look very weird with you coming out with things bulging out of them now. It's a dead giveaway.
  • Don't follow the saying "Go big or go home". Start off small if you haven't done this before, maybe toys or collectors cards to begin with. Just make sure it's something you can sell to someone else.

To be continued....
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